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memo i made a's been brought to my attention that when folks were clicking on the available ad spaces at the trodden path, they were not just being asked to pay the 3 mo rental fee, but an additional hurkin shipping cost which, of course, i did not intend to ask for. so, now ALL IS FIXED and should be working just fine. if you were considering promoting your art on the trodden path, please look again...<3 jane

featured art

by wan marsh

interested in teaching here?

We are always looking for new instructors! If you feel you have something to share and would like to offer a class, please contact me HERE with a brief description of what you've got in mind along with a sample photo or two. 

If your idea is accepted, you will be pointed to the Instructors group where you will get your questions answered and receive the support you need. Don't be shy...most of us on this site are very laid back and down to earth imo :) 

heather murray

dear members, please take the time to watch the featured videos below

they are important updates pertaining to this website <3


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1 Luna - full view

Luna - full view

Added by Susie McMahon on August 23, 2014

2 Little Santos Artdoll

Little Santos Artdoll

Added by Joyce van der Lely on August 23, 2014

3 New Member!

New Member!

Posted by Lori Brechlin on August 21, 2014

4 crow painting

crow painting

Added by DJ Pettitt on June 20, 2013

5 book page

book page

Added by DJ Pettitt on August 2, 2012

6 positivity


Added by heather murray on May 24, 2013

7 Anthropomorphic Challenge...

Anthropomorphic Challenge...

Added by Daryle Cook on February 6, 2014



The Trodden Path is an artist community designed to energize and inspire you on your creative journey.  It is a place of learning and sharing with others. We aim for a diverse collection of online groups and art classes that walk you through projects from start to finish.

It is FREE to join and once you are a member you will have the ability to fully participate on this site. You can share your art, participate in discussions, have the option to join special interest groups, and purchase classes if you’d like. In fact, there is even the opportunity to teach your own lessons here!

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